Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter wins WWE title on Raw in Madison Square Garden

Boston Celtics basketball player Enes Kanter won – and – lost – the WWE 24/7 name with this week’s Raw.
Kanter’s reception from the fans in Madison Square Garden – the house of his group the New York Knicks – was lukewarm.
Their collective mood did improve considerably when R-Truth appeared to remind said fans of the times Kanter had’lit up’ the construction along with his performances in a Knicks jersey.
Truth, of course, is your winner, and this tournament gold’s sight was all the invitation Kanter needed to help himself to a title victory.
Truth made sure that they had the last laugh because he gained instant revenge from the giant center, although the fans boos grew louder as he unzipped his track top to show a Boston Celtics jersey.
Click on the video over to watch the latest episode in the intriguing history of this 24/7 title don’t forget to grab the full repeat of Raw at 9pm and unfold.

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