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Connor Barwin was without a team since the New York Giants cut him loose following the 2018 season. But the pass rusher is currently holding out hope that another NFC East team will come this autumn calling.
Barwin told this week he expects to play Philadelphia during the 2019 campaign — when Eagles general manager Howie Roseman and business will have him back.
“I’m trying to come back and play for the Eagles,” Barwin said this week. “I’m training right now and I’ve talked to Howie and they are going to see if they want any thickness on the edge and so I’m going to wait till camp begins before I sign anyplace else, but obviously I’m not going to wait overly long. But the Eagles know that is where I want to be.”
If he was signed by the Eagles before this 2019 season, barwin are in comfortable company. The 11-year veteran spent four years with Philadelphia from 2013 through 2016, his final year the first of this Doug Pederson-Carson Wentz regime. Barwin set up his best numbers while wearing midnight green, most especially when he awakened a career-high 14.5 sacks in 2014, his lone Pro Bowl season.
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He does not expect to be the star if Barwin is to sign with the Eagles. Rather, he’d be happy to play a supportive character, as he did with the Los Angeles Rams and Giants within the past couple of decades.
“I am going in my 11th year and I’m prepared to just be a situational player. Howie knows. I’ll be there in case one of the three men (Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry or Derek Barnett) get hurt or when something occurs, or to mentor the younger men,” Barwin added. “You know, Philly’s situation is BG, Vinny, and DB — three great men on the border — and I would come in to encourage those men. It could be the same scenario if I do not play Philly. Be the third advantage guy.”
The veteran and last year played on a $ 2 million contract with New York. Philly has more than enough cap room to accomodate this kind of addition.
Barwin added that he’s been in contact with other teams and when he doesn’t sign with Philly, that is his taste, he’ll only sign with a Super Bowl contender.
“I’d love for it to be in Philly,” Barwin said. “Me and Howie are speaking. I might wait a week to camp, but that’s about as much as I will wait. Other groups will be like,’You better sign today or we are going to sign somebody else.’ If not, I’ll try to go to some other contender. I’d love for it to be in a good position where I can contribute.”
Meanwhile, Barwin told he is training with Eagles centre Jason Kelce in the Philly area.
The advantage rusher is coming from an unproductive season in East Rutherford. Barwin started three of 15 games played Big Blue, totaling a career-low one sack and four QB strikes on 277 defensive snaps. Barwin is looking to reestablish his career as it winds down by latching onto a familiar culture.
“It’d be great to be part of the Eagles since I believe that they are going to be useful,” Barwin said. “I suggest you never know from year to year, but for me they are high on my list because then I wouldn’t need to proceed, and they won the Super Bowl two decades ago and have been within one win of an NFC Championship last year. A good deal of that heart is still there.”

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