Whether you love U.S. president loathe him like seemingly over 60 percent of the country does based on recent polling data, 1 thing’s for certain when it comes to divisive’wanna-be dictator’ Donald Trump. He has never been worth as much as he’ll be if Super Bowl 53 gets underway this weekend.
Since the polarizing prez is offering some stupendous value against his personal Donald Trump props odds. Let’s get to the best of those props odds picks right now. And be sure to check out more Super Bowl LIII lines at our online sportsbook.
Donald Trump Super Bowl LIII Props
Will Donald Trump Take Part?
Yes -200
No +150
Analysis: this one is currently a lock with Trump program to sit down with CBS”Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan on Friday and portions of the interview program to conduct Sunday both on her program and about the Super Bowl pre-game telecast. The Super Bowl Sunday interview originated with George W. Bush and was picked up by Barack Obama in 2009 and the former POTUS sat down for an interview Each Year. Trump continued the tradition shortly.
Super Bowl LIII Props Pick: Yes
Will the Sport Be Attended by Donald Trump?
Yes +800
No -1500
Analysis: There’s simply no way Donald trump shows around get completely ashamed with a serenade of boos from predominantly African-American Democratic and — — Atlanta.
Super Bowl LIII Props Select: No
Times Donald Trump Tweets During the Game?
More than 6 (-115)
Under 6 (-115)
Analysis: I am aware that it’s hard to imagine that we have a Commander in Chief that likes to issue orders, announce strategies — and generally rip on anybody that does not completely agree with his way of thinking, but it’s true, we’re living in some horribly troubling”Trumpian Times’ people. Trump was uncharacteristically quiet last year on Super Bowl Sunday, tweeting just when the whole afternoon, but I’m thinking he is going to unleash a’Tweet Storm’ on twitter this year just to go away from your daily barrage he’s been in bed with Russia because before the election and lately embarrassing conclusion (and loss) to shut down the U.S. government so he can get the wall he guaranteed Mexico would pay for, built with American money. I am going with all the Over here everybody!
Super Bowl LIII Props Select: More than 6 Tweets

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