New Yorkers Shared Stories of Their Deal Breakers at Our Event Because Of The Moth

Storytellers relayed hilarious and heart-wrenching narratives to a sold-out audience.

Fashion faux pas. Threesomes. Acid trips. All had been subjects of discussion during the Moth occasion “DEAL BREAKERS: An OkCupid StorySLAM” final Thursday at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in nyc.

The Moth, a non-profit company which hosts real time activities throughout the nation, is designed to market the art of storytelling, also to honor and commemorate the variety and commonality of human being experience. Inside our very own method, OkCupid does the— that is same users to share with you their tales so that you can form authentic connections with individuals from all walks of life. And so the partnership ended up being an effective one whenever we teamed up using them the other day.

Kate Tellers, the host associated with kicked things off with a salute to the storytellers who were about to bare all evening. “There’s a significant number of vulnerability needed to produce a truly effective profile that is dating and therefore matches therefore well using what we do only at The Moth,” Tellers believed to the audience. “The method to relate genuinely to individuals is really expose a variation of yourself — to share with you a section of yourself that is really true, human being and quite often frightening to generally share with other individuals. That finally fosters the most effective connections.”

Tellers additionally explained the principles of StorySLAMs; in these open-mic tournaments, anybody wanting to tell a story that is 5-minute the niche in front of you can do therefore if they’re one of several 10 whoever title is arbitrarily selected. After every participant finishes, their tale is judged for a scale of 1–10 by three teams.

One judging group, which dubbed themselves “94%,” was an OkCupid couple — Emily and Chris. Emily heard bout the big event via A okcupid e-mail, and stated that whenever these were expected become judges upon arrival, no one knew that they had met through the web site.

“once I asked ‘Why us?’ they replied, “I don’t know, as you appear good,” Emily stated in a job interview following the occasion. “We knew that the function had been sponsored by OkCupid, and because that’s just just exactly how and where we came across, we recommended we phone ourselves our Match %.”

The speakers began after tellers’ introduction. Ten individuals told their stories, each interpreting the thought of “deal breakers” differently — from a narrative about a boyfriend whom feared durations to a merchant account of an odd outing at a bathhouse that is russian. The judge’s favorite, nevertheless, belonged to Tom, a first-time moth attendee whom described a fantasy date gone awry.

The following week after days of passing a handsome gentleman who worked at an Italian restaurant, said gentleman and Tom finally broke the ice and decided to go on a date to see the prestigious New York Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert at Carnegie Hall.

What exactly went wrong? Their date arrived for lunch ahead of the show in, well, attire Tom just couldn’t cope with.

“He moved in, in which he ended up being using leather-based chaps, a leather-based vest, a fabric jacket, and a baseball cap…made of leather-based,” Tom sa >Carnegie Hall for the Christmas time concert!” Their date saw no problem. Tom saw an important faux pas — plus the manifestation of just one of their deal breakers.

He couldn’t see him again — a decision he still thinks about today although they attended the concert (both in their respective outfits), Tom said.

“What i am going to remember could be the message he left the day that is next my answering device which said: ‘Are you sure you don’t like to see me once again?’” he said. “I never responded him back…The good news is once I think right right back on it…I have actually 2nd ideas.”

Whenever asked why he decided to go with this specific tale, Tom stated he felt it absolutely was probably the most compelling option for the main topics deal breakers.

“My experience that I found amusing and sometimes destructive, but never held any correlation to,” he said with him began as a storybook romantic event that spiraled into a very specific cultural slice of the gay community.

Beyond telling their story that is own said he enjoyed the function because people who talked permitted on their own become susceptible. “To convey that information to a team of unknown people takes courage. Likewise, to fairly share in other people’s stories about how precisely they handle situations…is I think, cathartic. for all of us,”

To get more about The Moth, follow this link. To get more info on Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, click the link.

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