Bobby Duncan agent Saif Rubie boasts after Liverpool sell youngster to Fiorentina

Bobby Duncan’s agent, Saif Rubie, has said said”in my line of work I know nobody even comes close” following his client procured a move away from Liverpool this summer.
Duncan – cousin of Steven Gerrard – joined Italian side Fiorentina to a three-year thing on Monday. Liverpool have inserted a 20 per cent sell-on clause and will receive # 2m for the forward.
Rubie, who previously took to networking from leaving for preventing Duncan, to criticise Liverpool, has boasted on Instagram regarding his job .
“To be in the upper 1 percent you’ve got to get ready to do what 99 percent of the remainder will not perform,” said the broker.
“In my line of work I understand nobody even comes near. Not everything in life is black and white and you have to have the ability to adapt and roll with the punches.
“Today Bobby Duncan has the opportunity to experience and live a thing different young English players have done. That’s what leaders do. We are not followers.
“Due to all of the folks who have supported me in this tough period usually means a lot. The delight of finding the task uncertainty worthwhile and makes all of the struggle. PS Kevin Prince-Boateng you better look after our little brother”

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