My partner wishes a lover that is lesbian can it end our wedding?

My partner wishes a lover that is lesbian can it end our wedding?


For 12 years, my relationship with my partner happens to be a good one out of all aspects. We love one another dearly and our sex-life is fantastic.

But about eight months ago my partner started initially to ask in a playful, non-serious way the way I would feel concerning the notion of having an other woman join us for intercourse sessions. We thought she ended up being responded and joking correctly.

90 days ago my spouse said she had started to realise that she had been bisexual. She asked once more the way I felt about an other woman joining us every once in awhile, or about her having a relationship with a woman occasionally if I was not comfortable with this, how would I felt?

She guaranteed me personally it could never ever influence the caliber of our relationship whatsoever.

We told her I happened to be unhappy about either scenario, but by surprise and I needed some time to think about it that she had taken me. Briefly a while later we informed her myself engaged in any kind of sexual relationship with anyone else that I could not live in a relationship where either my wife or.

I understand that a lot of guys would love the idea probably of getting two females during intercourse, however it’s crucial that you me personally which our sex-life remains ‘ours only’. In my own heart I feel that if she took another enthusiast it could spell the conclusion of the connection over time.

Fourteen days ago my spouse dropped another bombshell.

She said over since our last discussion and she felt I was being unfair that she had been thinking it. She stated the simple fact she is bisexual means that no matter how much we love one another, and no matter how good our sex life is, she can never be fully fulfilled in one aspect of her life that she knows.

She states she feels in this aspect of her sexuality, and she should be allowed to explore this side of her nature that it’s only adultery if she was to sleep with another man, but the very fact that I am male means it’s impossible for me to fulfil her.

We stuck to my firearms about this matter, but she stated that she felt that she would need to end the wedding, against her wishes, because she needed to at the very least experience sex with a lady. This is where we left it.

Have always been i must say i being unreasonable become so against her having a lover that is female? We can’t stay the concept of losing her, particularly when she will not wish our relationship to finish. Have always been we being unfair to her or less than understanding not to ever let the wedding to keep if she’s got a lover that is female?


David writes:

You are in a terrible situation right here and I’m very sorry certainly to know about any of it. No, I do not think you are being at all ‘unreasonable’ or ‘unfair’. Numerous husbands would not were as understanding as you have been, and might have simply ‘gone from the deep end’.

By the means, from previous experience, I would state it really is very likely that your particular wife already has some other girl in your mind. She might even went a way later on up to a real relationship with her.

That is all extremely unfortunate, since there is a high possibility that it will end up in the termination of one’s wedding. The hope that is best could be for you personally along with your missus to get together for counselling. Relate are accustomed to working with these ’three in a bed’ problems and they’ve got branches in your county.

Christine adds:

We too am really sorry to listen to of one’s situation. This indicates in my opinion that anything you do, or whatever your spouse chooses doing, your relationship is not likely to be exactly like it absolutely was.

However, that will not suggest it offers become terrible. Personally I think by using such love between you, it may be possible to save the marriage, though it is not going to be easy as you have.

I would personally state that Relate counselling is essential. Could I additionally claim that an organisation is contacted by you called FFLAG. This stands for Friends and categories of Lesbians and Gays. They must be in a position to offer some body for you really to speak to – anyone who has undergone that which you’re being forced to work through now. Their helpline figures are 01454 852418 or 00845-6520314.

You have possessed a hell of the surprise, but with you- as far as we can tell as you say your wife has been honest. Which means you do need certainly to think about if you’re ready to work tirelessly to save lots of your marriage. It, it is going to require compromise on both sides if you are to save.

Dr David Delvin, GP, and Christine Webber, intercourse and relationships specialist

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