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That 2nd term, o-che-rah-tsel-na, attacks the tone on the on syllable.
I’ll claim it good as well as slow-moving, tih o-che-rah-vah-tsel-na. Again, tih o- che-rah-vah-tsel-na. Right now, a little quicker, tih o-che-rah-vah-tsel-na. Right now, you attempt. Great. Likewise, you can easily mention “you are actually extraordinary” to a lady in the complying with fashion trend. Tih prye-lyest-nah. Tih prye-lyest-nah. Again little by little “, tih prye-lyest-nah”. Today, a small amount quicker, tih, prye-lyest-nah. Currently, you attempt. Seems amazing.

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Thanks for watching!Visit Website Now, if you wan na say to a lady “you appear” excellent,” you would certainly mention tih khah-rah- shoh vih-glya-dzish. The 2nd phrase, khah-rah-shoh, attacks the tone on the final syllable. That valid point, vih-glya-szish, strikes the initial speech sound. Placing it all together, tih khah-rah-shoh vih-glya-dzish. Again, great as well as sluggish, tih khah-rah-shoh vih-glya-dzish. Again at an informal rate, tih khah-rah-shoh vih-glya-dzish. Today, you attempt. Great. That is actually exactly how you point out “you are actually stunning” in russian mail order brides .

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