Real racism lies with football authorities – Vincent Kompany

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The absence of diversity in soccer organisations is part of the issue in tackling racism, ” says Manchester City leader Vincent Kompany.
While searching Inter Milan after Belgium compatriot Romelu Lukaku was racially abused by Cagliari fans kompany made the point.
Lukaku stated the match is”going backward” in the aftermath of the abuse.
“Romelu is a victim of something not just in soccer, but in society,” explained Kompany.
Talking to Sky Sports News, the Anderlecht boss added:”It goes back to who’s expected to make a decision on those issues, and it is in these organisations that the problems lie.
“The true racism is in the fact that none of these institutions have representatives that can actually know what Romelu is moving through.
“You are working with a bunch of individuals and decision makers who are telling him he must feel and think about this whenever you’ve got zero decision makers that are remotely in touch with what he’s experienced in his lifetime.
“That’s the real issue, if you go through the boards in Uefa or Fifa, the Olympic League or the English League, there is a true absence of diversity.
“In case you don’t have diversity in regions of power such as boardrooms then you can not have the perfect decisions concerning sanctions – it is a simple as this.”
As he scored a punishment for his side’s winner in a 2-1 success lukaku, who transferred from Manchester United to Inter was exposed to monkey chants.
A set of Inter Milan fans claim Cagliari supporters were revealing Lukaku a form of”esteem” and also the abuse was gamesmanship.
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