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Recently, we published a #FetishFriday episode on pantyhose fetish and just exactly what ensued actually was quite impressive (See my complete channel right here:

My two most widely used videos were on the internet site for 11 and 10 months and grossed over 10,000 and 7,800 views correspondingly (those had been on #AdultBabyDiaperLovers and #Ballbusting). My Pantyhose Fetish #FetishFriday video clip had been on YouTube for starters and grossed over 6,200 views… making me think that perhaps folks who are into pantyhose fetish are really looking for information and there are a LOT of people out there that like it week. Therefore I figured I would personally compose a weblog on a number of the questions that folks mentioned about Pantyhose Fetishes and provide extra information with this enjoyable and popular fetish.

That is into Pantyhose Fetish?

There aren’t numerous data in what genders likes pantyhose fetishes or exactly how both genders participates. Generally, more males than ladies want to see ladies in pantyhose and eroticize ladies using pantyhose. Guys additionally like to wear pantyhose. Ladies frequently like wearing pantyhose and luxuriate in just just how it seems and appears, but in addition like turning their partner(s) on. Non-binary/trans/queer people additionally love pantyhose and I would suspect that this fetish is high through to the list for people who are transgender in addition to those who like queer and trans/non-binary. Therefore in quick, I’d say its probably a pretty popular fetish amongst all genders and most likely the same quantity of individuals want to wear because want to see others wear. Unfortuitously, there wasn’t any good information about those who like pantyhose so I’m simply providing you my most readily useful quotes.

Just how can pantyhose fetishists prefer to participate with pantyhose?

This will be mostly variant, some want to use it, some prefer to touch it, some prefer to see others put it on, some love to sniff it, some love to view someone use it and take it well, some want to be tangled up by it, some people like to be gagged by it, some like to be forced to wear it, some like to buy it, and on and on it goes with it, some like to be choked. Pantyhose is this kind of versatile tool hairy pussy sex sexually that you can use it for almost any such thing!

Listed here are some real methods that folks have intimately and sensually aroused with pantyhose through their pantyhose fetish (could be one, numerous, or all! ):

  • Using pantyhose
  • Viewing other people wear pantyhose
  • Buying pantyhose
  • Viewing other people put on/take off pantyhose
  • Using pantyhose as bondage restraints and gags
  • Placing on / off pantyhose
  • Being forced to wear pantyhose

Exactly what are some theories on why folks are into pantyhose?

There is apparently three major causes why individuals like pantyhose:

  1. They such as the method it seems
  2. They such as the means it seems
  3. They just like the notion of it

One blogger described her passion for pantyhose in this manner: “Pantyhose have enormous power, yet, by design, they truly are excessively delicate and feminine, causing an irresistible vulnerability for the wearer. ” (ActSensuous Blog, 2008)

My thoughts are that pantyhose are a really sensual material, and stimulate a whole lot of various sensory faculties:

    • Artistic: the appearance of pantyhose, either the real means you appear on it or the method that somebody else looks inside them
    • Tactile: the feel associated with the pantyhose- it is a prevalent reasons why, everyone loves the way in which pantyhose feels on them or if they touch them or just how it seems to own their feet rub together inside them. The tactile feeling is very triggered with pantyhose. Additionally, individuals report how pantyhose that is sliding a show can also be really smooth and pleasurable, how a pantyhosed person interacts along with other items, like clothing, footwear, etc.
    • Olfactory: the scent of pantyhose, particularly just exactly how pantyhose makes genitals and legs smell. Traditionally, pantyhose aren’t a tremendously that is“breathable and sometimes cause legs and genitals/groin to sweat/perspire more, which produces more smell and an unique style of odor- which lots of people report to be really enjoyable. Leg smelling is just a fetish in and of itself, and is usually accentuated by pantyhose. Listed here is my #FetishFriday video clip on #Footsmelling:
  • Style: I’m not sure if pantyhose has a taste that is particular however it pertains to the above mentioned odor/perspiration that pantyhose inspires that relates to taste with dental intercourse and legs licking. Through the increased perspiration, raise the smell (not necessarily bad, just various and certain) that individuals find extremely enjoyable.
  • Auditory: I think this sense is quite simple and certainly will be either no noise after all, or perhaps a subdued rubbing/sliding sound when they’re used. But additionally can be extremely activating of sexual arousal.
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