Texas Rangers at Milwaukee Brewers MLB Pick – August 11th

I didn’t bet on the New York Mets yesterdayand I am not going to betting on the Mets now, but I wanted to take a couple of moments to recognize what this team is performing right now. When the Mets created the blockbuster proceed to acquire starting pitcher Marcus Stroman in the Toronto Blue Jays before the July 31st trade deadline, the initial backlash was fierce. Even the pundits and fans had been scratching their heads, and also on newspaper, the movement simply didn’t make a great deal of sense.
The Mets were seemingly out of playoff contention and have been supposed to be shopping some of their finest guys such as Eddie Diaz along with Noah Syndergaard. Instead, they kept all their very best guys and brought in Stroman from Toronto, in a desperate bid to get back into the playoff picture. I personally saw it as one of the more confusing moves of the past ten years and laughed and thought to myself, as typical Mets move, fully assuming it would blow up in their head just like so many trades have in the past.
And then something changed to the Mets. They caught fire. And all the sudden this team needs to be feared in the National League. The Mets have reeled off fifteen wins in their past few games and are back on the right side of .500 and therefore so are only a half of a game back of their second NL wild card. And it’s not merely that they are winning, it’s how they are winning. It’s a different hero every night for these wonder Mets. It seems that each and each night that they get into a situation where they are going to lose and find a means to point a successful comeback.
The amount on New York now is too large to back them since they’re placing -200 with expert Jacob deGrom on the mound. But be sure that to keep your eye on this group. Baseball is a humorous game, and so much of it’s centered around momentum. For those who have it, things only appear to break your way. If you don’t, there are times when you can’t buy a win. At the moment, the Mets surely have it. For today’s selection, we’ll head to Milwaukee in which the Brewers are seeking to sweep against the Texas Rangers.
The Texas Rangers are in Milwaukee Sunday, hoping to prevent getting trapped. The Rangers have dropped four straight games, two of those into the Brewers within this show, and their season is rapidly winding to a closefriend. While Texas did not hold the fire sale which many anticipated at the trade deadline, they also didn’t go out and get much ability, and the Rangers are now nine games back of the second wild card at the American League.
For the Brewers, they did a wonderful job of incorporating several competent arms for their team as they added guys like Drew Pomeranz, Jake Faria, Ray Black, and tonight’s rookie Jordan Lyles. And the motions are beginning to truly provide this squad an increase since they have won five consecutive games and are currently only a game and a half back of the Chicago Cubs for first place in the NL Central Division race.
Starting now for the Brewers is Jordan Lyles (7-7 4.97 ERA), and also for the Rangers, it is Mike Minor (10-6 3.06 ERA). The game total over-under is put at nine runs. The Brewers are -126 home favorites. First pitch is scheduled for 11:10 AM PST from Miller Park in Milwaukee.
On occasion a trade simply doesn’t appear to create a good deal of sense when it’s first made. That was the case with the Mets and Marcus Stroman, which was also the case when the Brewers caused beginning pitcher Jordan Lyles. Lyles was fighting through an awful season before being transferred. In his past four starts before getting exchanged, Lyles had gotten blasted for twenty-five runs in just seventeen innings worked. I really don’t know off hand what ERA which adds around, but it is really significant. And you need to rememberthis man was pitching to the Pittsburgh Pirates, at the same division as the Brewers.
So, it was hard to expect the man to become better in Milwaukee as he was in Pittsburgh. But he has figured things out so far in Milwaukee! In his two begins with his new team, he has pitched a joint ten innings and has allowed only two earned runs, and the Brewers won both games. Occasionally a change of scenery from a last-place team from contention to some group directly in the combination of a pennant race is all it takes to have a guy to flip matters around.
Mike Minor is distress through the specific opposite of everything Jordan Lyles is moving through because most people expected him to get traded to a competitor, and he ended up staying in Texas. Minor was a favorite trade goal for several contending groups, but a deal couldn’t be created, and here he’s currently finishing his season out with a Rangers team going nowhere.
And it seemed like the stress of possibly getting traded was wearing on Minor as he was bad in July. Going into July, Minor was 8-4 with a 2.40 ERA and was selected to the Al All-Star team. But during the month leading up to the trade deadline, he had been just 1-2 having a 6.59 ERA in five starts, and the Rangers went 1-4 in those five matches. Those struggles may have been kept Minor in Texas because his value plummeted at the wrong time. Minor’s first post-trade deadline launch was a great one as he pitched seven shutout innings from the Cleveland Indians.
This can be an interesting game. A month before, I would have enjoyed financing Minor getting dog money. However he has really struggled since then, and I am not confident that he can go in and shut down a good hitting team like the Brewers. When you look at this Texas lineup, then they just are not the same without Joey Gallo on the area.
With Gallo sidelined with injury, this group is 28th in the majors in runs scored from the month of August. They’re scoring just over three runs on the game, and they’re hitting an abysmal .206 for a team. While I’m not really that convinced that Lyles can continue his good benefits, I also know that the Brewers will not be leaving him at the game all that long anyhow as they like to turn matters over to their own bullpen in any indication of distress.
I believe Minor gets roughed up a while, along with the Brewers with a committee of Lyles and their bullpen, find a way to take advantage of the slumping Rangers lineup and finish the sweep. I talked above about endings, and at the moment, the Brewers have this, and the Rangers don’t. And I am going to make the most of those trends and fire the Brewers now. Give me that the Milwaukee Brewers today at home favorites in game three from Miller Park in -126!

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