Toronto vs Featherstone: Million Pound Game journal Day 1

As both sides go head-to-head at Lamport Stadium on Saturday in the Million Pound Game promotion to Super League awaits for Featherstone Rovers or Even Toronto Wolfpack.

Stephen Owen offers us some unique insight from Canada as we look ahead for this massive clash…
Undeniably, one of the Rugby League season’s most exciting fittings is that the Million Pound Game – that the fixture to determine who’ll be encouraged to Super League next season.
It is given that extra little enthusiasm by flying to one of the world’s greatest cities like Toronto. One year past having undergone the atmosphere, I understand we are in for a treat on Saturday – and what a match it’s likely to be!
On my trip from Manchester to Toronto, I was speaking to a few of those directors. He was full of pride after what the team have achieved this year. On Saturday, there will be a major screen at Featherstone’s home ground showing the match live on Sky Sports – plus they’re also anticipating 300 to 400 Rovers fans that are diehard to create over the journey .
Flights at this short notice could cost somewhere in the region of #1000, plus some fans might have to fly via Iceland, therefore it’s an unbelievable effort from those loyal fans who wish to see their club reach Super League for the first time in their history.
By comparison, our travel was relatively easy. Once we found, it was fine and easy to enter the city centre, with wonderful transport connections at the airport.
Another enthusiastic rugby league fan I met in our flight needn’t be worried about that – he was getting a connecting flight to Los Angeles, then on to Sydney for the NRL Grand Final of Sunday! A Sydney Roosters supporter, he has taken five days off work for the game – and he even thinks they’ll lose to the Canberra of John Bateman, so that’s some significant commitment!
Tonight was the opening of this 2019 NHL season, along with the Toronto Maple Leafs have been also getting the season against Ottawa Senators – so this has dominated the news here. On the other hand, the Wolfpack feel they’ll have a lot of aid come Saturday and there is also talk that this may be the first”sold out” game in Wolfpack history.
An exciting few days ahead, we’ll be visiting the Wolfpack on Thursday afternoon prior to the Featherstone camp on Friday – more updates to follow…

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